When You Need the Best Domain Name


If you haven’t noticed already, there is a steep upward trend of companies big and small that have figured out that the internet is here to stay. So much so, that many of these companies have higher sales volume online than in-store or from any other form.

That’s a big deal!

Although the internet really isn’t very old, with the first domain names registered in 1985, many companies were late to the game and actually didn’t secure the best domain name.

One question you may have is, what is the most important domain name for me and do I really NEED it?

Your main brand name domain should be priority number one. Zero questions asked. If you do not own your exact match brand domain in .com, you need to! Not the “whole thing”, what you brand as or are referred to. Amazon Technologies Inc. is the “whole” business name but the brand is Amazon and they are simply referenced and known as this brand name, Amazon. That’s why they own and use Amazon.com.

It’s natural. It makes sense!

Amazon actually owns over 35,000 domain names in total, but they own a lot of other brands and offer many products and services which they understand that the exact match domain names to these terms are important to “control” them and own for their uses as they so choose.

What does owning and using your exact match brand .com domain do for your company?

Consistency ~ KISS is a common and makes-sense situation here. Keep It Simple, Stupid! If your brand name is Amazon, it’s the makes-sense situation to match that branding with the exact domain name to your brand and adding .com to it. Billions and billions of advertising dollars have been spent by companies around the globe, promoting .com! That’s why it’s the global KING of all domain names. Amazon.com is the BEST domain name for Amazon. It’s natural, known and consistent to the brand.

Trust ~ Great domains are just that. You know one when you see it. Trust is a huge factor in an online business. Your domain name is the first thing somebody may see about your business. Sometimes it’s what they need to know to even find you. Consider this analogy: Companies spend a good deal of distracted effort in saying “The Official” this or the official that. Do you know what makes it official? Owning the best makes-sense domain name to your brand and case closed! If your brand is Intel, Intel.com makes it official! You instantly trust Intel.com, because it’s Intel!

Impression ~ Making a good impression for your brand relies on your branding consistency and the domain name used for your brand. ProfessionalServicesToday.biz doesn’t do it. Professional.com DOES. Pro.com DOES. Brand with impression! Owning the best domain name for your brand makes an impression you may not have thought about. Customers type it, say it, email it, and link to it. It matters!

Communication ~ Most companies have many employees that talk to other people to conduct business. Communication is not only key between team members, but with clients. A simple distraction of an add-on word to your brand domain name can directly hurt your companies communication with the outside world, heck, even internally. If it’s not natural, expect differences. If you are branding as one thing and are simply assuming that people should “know” your domain name is different than what you brand as, you put the "ass" in "assuming!"

You really should LOVE your domain name, just as much as you love your brand. If you don’t, then maybe consider rebranding. Really, you should!

If your business is solely "online" there is no question that you NEED to own the BEST domain name of your brand. Stand out and make an impression. If you don't or can't, rebrand. If you don't want to rebrand, then embrace the domain name you have and brand as that. You likely won't be happy about it but it's your best option if you don't value your main brand name and the online impression you present without being consistent and trustworthy.

Once you have the BEST domain name for your brand, then it’s time to focus on other important terms within your offering. This mainly consists of the products and services you offer. Sometimes these terms become bigger than your main brand name. Thinking of Amazon again, Amazon.com is about as big as it gets. The same could be said if your more of a “techie” and love Amazon Web Services, more commonly known as AWS. Yep, again, Amazon acquired the BEST domain name for this service, AWS.com from its past owners. They may have paid millions of dollars for the AWS.com domain but in Amazon’s eyes, they are just starting with AWS and AWS can easily be as big as Amazon.

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