Uni Support Update: The 7 Day Formula


You've heard it for the past month: The world is changing, and you're seeing it in how people have to shop, sell, and communicate.

This has opened up a storm of adaptation as companies rush to meet their bottom line by quickly pivoting and adapting to the new situation.

The butterfly effect is now clear as new websites pop up, get rebuilt, domain records are urgently changed, plus renewals, transfers, and registration patterns do a complete 180. Now how do we, a company with over a million domains under management, pivot to meet the extra support needs of our now very busy customers?

A few months ago we announced that Uni was joining forces with GoDaddy. Part of this collaboration means we have access to world-class and scalable resources. We immediately started asking ourselves:

  1. How can we take the service provided to our clients to the next level?
  2. What can we do to help our customers grow their businesses online?
  3. How can we help small entrepreneurs become big entrepreneurs?

So we're thrilled to inform you we've expanded our Customer Service, with support tickets now being answered any and every day of the week. We understand that sometimes your urgent request can't wait.

To make use of our white glove customer service experience, just email help@uniregistry.com or submit a support ticket here.

This is just the beginning of our multi-step process of using our expanded resources to make working with Uni even easier than before.

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