UnaPurchasing Makes Una.com the New Face of Their Growing Company


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Uniregistry Brokerage works together with UnaPurchasing and secures a powerful domain name and brand that will serve this rapidly growing company forever, UNA.com.

From pretty humble roots, his apartment, Anthony Clervi saw a genuine need and built a company to solve it. And it is the pure definition of a “Win-Win” business model.

Large businesses have the critical mass to create substantial savings when they purchase the thousands of items needed to maintain themselves. Good for them. And the accountants will tell you that anytime you can reduce the cost of any item you purchase, you have the opportunity for that savings to drop to the net bottom line. Or you can pass the savings along to your customers. Both of these options are fabulous. However, the overwhelming majority of businesses in the world are not “large.” They are small and medium and every size in between. How can they “look big” and receive these kinds of procurement savings? Enter UNA.com.

We reached out to Vice-President in charge of Marketing, Brian Edwards, to explain how UNA does it. He told us that UNA is a GPO, or group purchasing organization. The theory behind it isn’t rocket science. Get lots of businesses and organizations to enroll in the GPO and then leverage the power of a huge buyer group to secure big savings like a Fortune 500. Cleaning supplies, office products, even construction tools. UNA gets all of these for their members at tremendous savings. And it doesn't cost a dime to be a member. But the sheer magnitude of what UNA offers is startling. 

  • They offer a shipping program that is easier to use and can usually save their clients 20-30% 

  • A travel and hotel room program that beats the competition on price and allows for reserving and “pre-paying” the stay, even with an agency credit card, right on the UNA phone app. 

  • A great partnership with Shred-It, the world’s leader in document destruction, was negotiated by UNA and now members are receiving savings up to 25% on industry best service. 

  • Their agreement with US Foods allows UNA clients in restaurant and hospitality to realize big savings through transparency and the ease of online ordering. 

And there is more, a lot more! They have negotiated discounted programs with companies like AMC Theaters, Grainger, Staples, Ricoh, Home Depot, HD Supply, and Orkin.

Because their member base is so diverse, UNA must stay on top of trends and new product introductions to keep delivering these 20-30% average savings. We asked Brian what would be one of the most unique products they were able to secure for their clients at good savings?  He told us, “defibrillators.” UNA is certainly a lot more than office, cleaning, and construction supplies!

Consistently saving your members money from their purchasing budgets is a wonderful thing. However, as we researched the clients who UNA members, we discovered a recurring theme. It isn’t just the savings that keep their member base growing. Their customers are flat-out happy with the service they receive at every level of this company. They feel a connection with UNA and believe their best interests will be represented in every transaction. Great service- Saving money. It’s not hard to see why UNA is growing so quickly. 

Having operated under the name, UnaPurchasing.com for some time, the team wanted to rebrand with a short, memorable domain name. Brian had obtained several premium names, mostly related to specific products or services, and was familiar with premium domain name values and the impact they can bring to a successful, growing company. A name like UNA.com makes the statement that we are in this business with you for the long run.

Three letter dot com domain names have been appreciating rapidly and the time had come where UnaPurchasing was ready to open negotiations. Brain reached out to Chris Aguilar and Uniregistry.com, who was the exclusive broker for the domain owner. Although it took a fair amount of patience and some negotiation, Brian told us he was appreciative of the persistence shown by Chris and the team at Uniregistry.com and said, “Likely, the most seamless domain purchase experience we have had.” That is a big compliment from someone like Brian who is delivering world-class service and value on a daily basis.

For additional information, please visit them at UNA.com.


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