A collaborative concept map

Use Miro's concept map to link key concepts to get a big picture overview. Bring structure to concepts through visual collaboration.
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A collaborative and easy-to-use concept map creator

Miro's Concept Map Template helps teams generate new ideas, organize information, and visualize complex concepts.

A collaborative and easy-to-use concept map creator

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Miro's Concept Map Template helps teams generate new ideas, organize information, and visualize complex concepts.

More than just
a concept map maker

Make a concept map and continue working on other visual tasks using our online collaborative whiteboard platform. Miro can help teams with everything from mind mapping and visual project management to Agile planning and interactive workshops.
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Concept map features

Visualize and clarify even the most complex concepts with Miro's simple yet powerful Concept Map Template.
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Real-time collaboration
Co-create with your team members on the same board in real time.
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Seamless communication
Built-in video, chat, and comments.
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Presentation mode
Use presentation mode to explain your ideas to the team with the help of the concept map.
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Creative formatting options
Use colorful sticky notes and emojis to create concept maps that are easy to read and fun to interact with.
Integrations with Slack, Notion, Jira
Integrations with your favorite tools
Leverage integrations with tools like Jira, InVision, Sketch, Google Drive, and more to add more context to your concept maps.
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Infinite canvas
Add any content such as other concepts maps, images, documents, and more — all to the same board.
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How to create a
concept map in Miro

Creating a concept map is easy — there’s no right or wrong way. Typically concepts are written in boxes or circles, then label arrows are used to connect them with related ideas or information in a downward-branching hierarchical structure.
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Add the Concept Map Template to your board
Select the Concept Map Template in the template picker and use it as is or customize it to meet your specific needs. Add the idea you want to explore or concept you want to clarify to make it the starting point of your concept map.
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Choose a topic you want to explore
Identify a topic you’d like to understand better and add it into a box or circle shape. This is the starting point of your concept map and can be a specific topic or a more general idea.
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Brainstorm related concepts
From memory, try creating more shapes that contain concepts and information you know is related to that topic. Note the areas you feel you know and the areas you need to review or dig deeper into.
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Connect concepts and establish hierarchy
Link sticky notes or shapes to visualize connections between ideas and topics in your concept map. Make sure that the most universal and applicable ideas are at the top, and more specific and less actionable ones are at the bottom.
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Invite your team to collaborate
Invite your team members and stakeholders, and get feedback, reviews, and approvals from them, with multiple communication options such as comments with @-mentions, built-in chat and video chat, and more.
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Draw from research and never miss a gap
Go through your own research, combine it with your team ideas insights and feedback, and fill in any information gaps you may have missed. Focus on how concepts are related to each other and to the parent topic.

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