Flowchart Template

Say goodbye to bottlenecks. Map out any process with ease with the Flowchart Template and visualize your way to success.

About the Flowchart Template

Flowcharts help you and your team to visualize processes and streamline workflows. Use this template to get everyone on the same page and allow them also to improve existing workflows and methodologies.

Keep reading to know more about flowcharts and how to create one.

What is a flowchart?

A flowchart is a graphical or symbolic representation of a process, using symbols to depict each step. Many flowcharts contain brief descriptions of each step, with arrows linking them together and indicating the process flow direction.

There are a few commonly-used flowchart shapes. For example, ovals generally represent the beginning or end of a process, rectangles represent a process, diamonds represent a decision, and arrows indicate the order in which steps should occur.

Quickly get started with our ready-made Flowchart Template, which already comes with shapes and symbols so you can edit and add content as you like.

When to use flowcharts

When you're trying to wrap your head around a process, it can be helpful to visualize each step. Your team can create flowcharts for new projects or refine and improve how existing processes work.

Most project managers use flowcharts to keep teams aligned and gain clarity on workflows and any project bottleneck. Developers, for instance, might use flowcharts to track data flows and make better-informed decisions when managing systems.

Marketers and business managers use flowcharts to map out campaign processes or to evaluate strategies.

If you want to know more about which flowchart template is best for you and your team, you can read our blog article about flowchart processes.

Benefits of using a flowchart

There are many reasons to make a flowchart. Your team can quickly see how various process components relate to one another. Flowcharts can also reveal process flaws and bottlenecks, which ultimately helps your team solve problems and improve your products. 

Another benefit of using a flowchart when managing processes is gaining more clarity and improving communications across your organization. Because the flowchart is one of the easiest diagrams to read and is widely known across many industries, many professionals use it as a standard practice to manage process flows and cross-functional projects.

Our editable flowchart template also allows you to quickly iterate as your process changes, allowing everyone in your team to stay up-to-date.

How to create your own flowchart

Start by selecting Miro's fully customizable Flowchart Template. Here's how to get started:

  1. Decide on the process your team wants to document or illustrate.

  2. List the steps to complete in order to execute the process.

  3. Designate symbols for the various steps in the process.

  4. Draw your symbols and label them according to the steps they represent.

  5. Draw arrows to link the steps.

  6. Review your flowchart with stakeholders and iterate as necessary.

  7. You can use sticky notes or icons to make your flowchart clearer and more visually engaging. If you need input from a team member, you can @mention them or start a video chat.

FAQ about the Flowchart Template

What are the main 4 flowchart types?

These are the 4 main types of flowcharts: process flowchart, workflow chart, swimlane flowchart, and data flowchart. As their names show, each of these flowchart examples serves a different purpose. The process flowchart helps you to illustrate complex workflows; similarly, the workflow flowchart allows teams to understand their processes better. The swimlane flowchart breaks down into sub-processes, and data flowcharts represent the flow of information.

Flowchart Template

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