I Need a Domain Name, Now What?


Maybe you are starting a new company, offering a new product or service and it’s time to start your brand venture building process. You figure out, you need a domain name so you can have a website but then you scratch your head because you are not sure what to do next. Let me help you with that.

Having been involved in the domain name industry since 2006, the following is the most efficient and safest process to follow.


The first thing to consider is your budget. You should have a budget specifically just for your domain name, because it’s an important asset. It literally will be the first thing your customers will see online and hear in word of mouth conversations. It’s also how you will communicate (email, advertisements) and interact (web visits, links etc) with your customers, every day. It will be on your business cards, letterhead and every email you send. It's a big deal. Think long term and the foundation of your brand when thinking about your main domain name. Changing domain names later is expensive, so is rebranding. You only get one first impression.

At a minimum, your budget should be “four figures”.  With a “five figure” budget, you greatly increase the quality of domain inventory available to purchase. Six and seven figure domain name only budgets do happen often if you are planning to go big and be disruptive with a global reaching brand name.


There are a couple ways to look at “availability” in regards to domain names. One form of availability means that nobody owns the domain name currently and it’s available to register by anyone at a domain name registrar like Uniregistry.com. A second form of an available domain name is one that is already owned by somebody but they may be willing to sell it. In general, almost all the great domain names in .com are already owned by somebody. Actually, many of the not-so-great domains are owned by somebody as well.

Checking whether a domain is available for registration here will inform you whether a domain is taken or not.  If the domain name is available for registration, then registering it right away is cheap insurance against someone else having the same idea.


Now that you have a budget and have found if the domain name is already owned by somebody, the next thing to do is work with a trusted domain professional. The waters get very murky in finding who owns a domain name, how to get in contact with them and the general process of purchasing a one of kind digital asset. A simple mistake in this process is like pulling the pin in a grenade. You need a professional at this point. The domain name process can also be very time consuming (emails, phone calls, more emails, more phone calls) and risky (payment, transfer of ownership etc), so domain name experience is worth its weight in gold here.

It is 110% a wise business decision to work directly with a professional domain name service at this time. The general term is called Domain Name Buyer Broker but “A Helping Hand” is really what it is. You can ease your mind and fully expect professional domain advice for only $59. Really, that $59 is a huge time saver and you are getting the trusted advice you need in the process. Ask questions, they are more than happy to assist! Is my budget in-line for a specific domain? Is there a better domain name available for purchase than the one I’m considering? Is there similar inventory for sale if I am not able to purchase the specific one I’m currently interested in?


Domain names are important and really can be the foundation of your brand. You should love your domain name and be proud to say it and for others to see it. Working with a domain name professional service is a smart business decision because you will save time and you get the professional advice and services on your behalf for a minimal fee. You have options.

Getting started is super easy. Check to see if the domain name is available. If the domain is not owned by somebody, that is all you need to do, register it. If it is owned by somebody, type the domain here and pay the $59 for the professional domain help you need so you can focus on other things you are great at. Still have a question you are not sure about acquiring a domain name, brokerage@uniregistry.com.

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