Domain Name Buyer Brokerage, the White-Glove Domain Service


Simply finding a way to contact a domain name owner can be a crazy task that the average person wouldn’t even know how to start.

Even if you did find an email address or a phone number, what do you do next? Offer them an uneducated amount of money and hope for the best?

How do you pay for and transfer ownership of the domain in a safe and sound way? Does the person you are speaking with even own the domain in the first place?

The reality of buying a domain name from somebody who already owns is a task that requires experience. What if they do not speak your native language? Maybe culture gaps present an issue or your phone simply prevents you from calling a country you never even heard of before because that is where the domain owner lives?

I’m not trying to scare you, but buying a domain name can certainly be a challenging task with multiple ways to mess it up. You likely need help, somebody in your corner, somebody who has your back and will answer the questions and concerns you have. Someone that has been down this road thousands of times!

Thankfully, the Uniregistry Brokerage deals with domain names every day and one of the valued services offered is a domain buy service. It’s white-glove! Provide the domain and your budget and sit back and let the pros work their magic.

Uniregistry utilizes our vastly experienced brokers who speak over 14 languages and utilize our deep network of industry connections to make deals happen.

Knowing whom to contact and when to contact them a specific entity is often key. These relationships take years to establish and a simple text message can be all it takes, so working with a well-connected and highly diverse domain name buyer brokerage is important.

Although I have been involved in the domain industry for a long time, I still feel that the best deal to be had when somebody needs to acquire a specific domain name is to use an experienced domain buyer broker. The fee to do it is minimal for the service and experience needed to complete the task.

For only $59 you can have a workhorse with vast experience and knowledge of the situation work for you. The end goal is to acquire the domain name, so if the broker is successful in doing so, an additional 15% success fee is required only if the domain is acquired.

If you are interested in acquiring a specific domain name, simply visit this page, enter in the specific domain name and click Get Started, fill out your contact details so the brokerage team can respond to you, and let Uniregistry get to work in acquiring your target domain name! If you have a question about the domain buyer brokerage service, you can also send an email to as well.

Best of luck in acquiring your domain name. Have full confidence in the Uniregistry Brokerage team, along with the safety, knowledge, and experience you have for the $59 fee to get it all going.

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