Domain Investing: Trend Follower or Old School?


The beauty of domain investing lies in its revenue potential. Whether one registers a domain "by hand" or acquires a domain with intentions to resell for profit, domain investors have great opportunities to achieve substantial revenue.

Not every domain is made to score a million dollars; then again, you don't need a million dollar domain to make money, time and again, by following the rules of the domain investing game.

What are these rules?

First and foremost, avoid trademarks like the plague. Existing brand names, available products or under development, mottos of companies and names of individuals are off the table—unless you are desperately looking for a UDRP or, worse, a lawsuit.

Second, keeping the choice of TLDs to those most likely to sell, is a smart approach. Yes, gTLDs have been around for a while, and they do present an appeal due to the expanded range of extensions and a full "reboot" of the keywords available. However, we all know that .com is king, and that .net, .org and even ccTLDs can be a much better choice.

Lastly, clean, positive keyword domains are your primary target, along with meaningful two word pairs. Top off your domain portfolio with a good but well-thought serving of brandables and you should be good to go.

The domain investing game expands exponentially with the introduction of newsworthy domains and trending technologies. Should you be a trend follower or keep it "old school" for a safer, but less exciting approach to domain name investing?

The secret is to find a fair balance between the two, never going off balance either way.

If you keep your entire portfolio as an old school approach you'll most likely miss out on opportunities that appear along the way. Imagine keeping the same 1999 car forever, unaware of what new tech is brought into the game. You'd still be using a tape deck, low gas performance, and bad road safety.

By tapping into the trends that appear on the internet daily, you should be able to enrich your "old school" approach with domains that ride onto the current popularity.

In a similar fashion, only focusing on trends and news is a dangerous approach that can quickly break the bank. How so?

Such an approach often feeds a need to expand one's portfolio of trends or newsworthy domain names, adding dozens or hundreds of domains with "potential." Would you invest only in stocks that have the potential of increasing, neglecting the staple stocks completely?

Some domain investors find the perfect balance by limiting their new hand-registrations and following reports of domain sales pertaining to newsworthy or trending domains. That's why it's important to dig into comparative sales!

Lastly, on your way to better domain investments, there are many mistakes to avoid; here's my quick guide as a bonus.

In a nutshell: Domain investing is a well-structured field that presents opportunities beyond its classic mode. Learn the basics and expand your investment game by leveraging the trends and newsworthy opportunities, in harmony with your "old school" approach.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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